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How to choose economical cutting tools

Article source:admin Popularity:time:2017-07-07 17:40

In the aspect of tool use, the main selection of middle and low-end cutting tools, based on this feature, the common problems in actual production are summarized as follows.

1. Problems with tool use
(1) the cutting amount cannot be optimized.
The operator cannot make reasonable selection of cutting dosage for different materials.
Mainly because the operator is given priority to with students, relatively insufficient production experience, in the selection of cutting parameter, thumb trade-offs, without cutting parameter optimization, cutting efficiency is relatively low.
Different materials and different types of tools, the selection of variables in the cutting process is not reasonable.
(2) the knife is too expended.
The internship factory is not fixed to the choice of the tool brand, often changing the brand, the cutting tool consumption is too large, thus increasing the cost of the tool.
The cutting performance of the cutter can not be fully played in the heat treatment work of different materials.
(3) the processing effect is not ideal.
In the actual operation process, the coarse fine car is usually accomplished by a tool, the processing precision is too high, it is difficult to meet the processing requirements.
The end surface quality is not ideal in the machining process of parts, so we hope to have a good solution, or have better choice on tool material.
2. Related Suggestions
(1) hope that manufacturers can increase the treatment of blade, tool rod, can pass to old change new marketing methods to help users to save costs, manufacturers can also save raw materials at the same time.
(2) we hope that the manufacturers and users will establish long-term credit records.
If the manufacturers to establish long-term relationship with users at the same time, also establish credit files of relevant for the user, so that manufacturers can be some new products and the latest tool information according to user's level of credit files timely feedback to the user.
It is recommended that the manufacturers develop their own special APP, so that they can build a wide user base and maintain the timely communication between the manufacturers and users.
(3) when it is hoped that the manufacturer will carry out after-sales maintenance, it can extensively and deeply process the front-line to help users optimize the cutting amount and solve unreasonable problems in the use of knives.
(4) in the process of actual operation, the user machine of slotting cutter bar consumption is very big, and cutting blades for two blade, usually wear fast, virtually increased the cost of user input, manufacturers can develop a more than a piece of a new type of machine blade cutting tool.
(5) it is hoped that the manufacturer will communicate and supervise the intermediary retailers, and do not ignore the effect of the user's actual use because of the deliberate pursuit of benefits by individual intermediary retailers.
(6) it is hoped that the manufacturer can provide users with optimized cutting parameters, preferably in electronic version or video.
(7) it is hoped that the instructions on each box of blades should be more detailed, preferably noting the use of notes and related processing fields.