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Y axis power cutter

Article source:admin Popularity:time:2017-07-07 17:41

Xi 'an great wave precision machinery co., LTD is a high-tech enterprise specialized in developing, manufacturing and selling small precision CNC lathes.
Our company has recently developed the Y-axis power tool to solve the complex processing problem, which can be milling and radial drilling tapping, so as to improve the function of common row knife lathe to a small car milling and processing.
It is more cost-effective than the slitting machine with the function of milling and milling.
After the successful application results of the ptm-30 / GL30 series lathe with Y axis power tools were successfully developed, the comprehensive performance test experience was carried out, and the main technical indexes met the design requirements completely.
Will take Y axis power tool applied to knife on nc lathe, machine tool can not only finish turning round, cylindrical, end face, cone, thread, cutting and chamfering processing task, complete the various work steps for processing, the computer can store a variety of parts processing procedure, selection, convenient and widely used in machining shaft, disc and set of parts, for medium and small batch and many varieties, many specifications of similar parts is frequent, take turns to play processing, has strong applicability.
At the same time, the machine tool is equipped with Y-axis power cutter, the keyway or ring groove, milling square and radial drilling of shaft parts.
Such as cars, mobile phones, electrical plug-in, with spiral groove or other special curve groove parts, through one time clamping can complete car milling compound machining of the parts, greatly improve the machining efficiency, improve the processing precision of parts.
At present, it is widely used in the ptm-30/gl30 series CNC precision lathe, and has been recognized and favored by the majority of users.