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Sotorized spindle

Article source:admin Popularity:time:2017-07-07 16:45

Motorized spindle has compact structure, light weight, small inertia, the advantages of low noise, fast response, lathe spindle servo motor and high speed, big power, simplify the machine tool design, easy to implement the spindle positioning, is an ideal structure of high speed spindle unit.The main shaft bearing USES high-speed bearing technology, wear-resisting and heat-resisting, the life is several times the traditional bearing.


1. Quick response, short time of start-stop;

2. Accurate positioning;

3. Large torque and small volume (smaller than normal spindle);

4. CS control;

5. Good speed and stable performance.

Basic parameters:

1. Rated power of 4.75 kW, peak power of 11kW;

2. Rated voltage 380v, rated current 15Arms;

3. Maximum speed of 10000rpm;

4. Maximum torque 20Nm, rated torque 15Nm;

5. Protection grade IP54.