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High and new enterprise technical recognition certificate

Article source:admin Popularity:time:2017-07-07 16:46

    Xi 'an high wave precision machinery company, recently passed a new high-tech enterprise identification.The high-tech enterprise technology decided to declare success, is for xi 'an waves "adhere to the scientific and technological innovation, pay attention to the transformation of scientific and technological achievements" the core idea of great affirmation and encouragement, also will rise to xi 'an waves precision machinery co., LTD., the independent innovation ability, market competitiveness plays an important role in promoting.


Attached: notice of list of high-tech enterprises


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According to the measures for the administration of the recognition of hi-tech enterprises (guo ke ignition [2016] no. 32), the recognition of hi-tech enterprises management guidelines "(the goat [2016] no. 195) regulation, the recognition of hi-tech enterprises in Shanxi Province management work leading group office organization expert review, proposed that shaanxi tianyuan intelligent remanufacturing co., LTD., 594 companies for shaanxi province in 2016 high-tech enterprises, is now announces.If there is any objection to this, please submit it to the office of the management of high and new technology enterprises in shaanxi province within 10 working days from the date of public display.A clear statement of the specific question of a dissident enterprise shall be clearly stated and the facts shall be provided.For any documents received, we will carefully check and strictly comply with the regulations.




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Attached: the list of high-tech enterprises in 2016 in shaanxi province