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The advantages and services of the products of xi 'an high w

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Xian billows precision machinery co., LTD. Product has the XINWO brand PTM - and PTM 20-30 series of small precision CNC lathe, equipped with international advanced numerical control system, which can realize face, outer diameter, male, inch thread, such as automatic processing, suitable for many varieties, many specifications of parts production, is a high efficiency and high precision processing equipment.
Their common advantage is:
Imported high speed high precision spindle
The rotation accuracy of spindle is within 0.002 mm
Repeat positioning accuracy to reach + 0.002 mm
The processing circle can be below 1.3 mu m
The service of xi 'an huge wave precision machinery co., LTD.
High precision machining high performance
We promise to arrive at the customer's site in 48 hours, and the whole life cycle of the machine will solve your problems.
We provide a complete set of solutions for customers to fully reflect the high efficiency of parts processing