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Do you know how the nc machine is used?

Article source:admin Popularity:time:2017-07-07 17:43

The normal use of CNC lathe must meet the following conditions, the power supply voltage fluctuation of the position of the machine tool is small, the environment temperature is lower than 30, and the relative temperature is less than 80%.
The environment requires the position of the machine tool, machine tool position should be far away from the source, should avoid direct sunlight, and the influence of thermal radiation, avoid the influence of humidity and airflow, such as machine tools, the near source around the machine should be set vibration ditch, otherwise will directly affect the machining accuracy and stability of the machine tool, makes the electronic components poor contact, failure, affect the reliability of the machine tool.
Second, the power requirement general numerical control lathe in machining workshop installation, not only environmental temperature change is big, poor conditions of use, and a variety of mechanical and electrical equipment, power grid volatility, therefore, the location of the installation of CNC lathe need to have strict control, power supply voltage power supply voltage fluctuations must be within the scope of the permit, and remained relatively stable, otherwise it will affect the normal work of the CNC system.
The ambient temperature of the CNC lathe is less than 30, and the relative temperature is less than 80%.
Generally speaking, the CNC electric control box has a fan or cold fan inside to keep the electronic components, especially the central processor working temperature constant or temperature difference is very small.
Excessive temperature and humidity will lead to lower life of the control system components and increase the number of failures, temperature and humidity, and the dust increase will result in the bonding of the circuit board and the short circuit.
Four, according to the instruction of the use of users in the use of the machine tools, machine tool, not allowed to change the parameters of the control system within the factory set up, the parameter setting of dynamic characteristics is directly related to machine tool parts, only the backlash compensation parameter values can be adjusted according to actual situation.
User can't change machine accessories, such as using the above specification of hydraulic chuck, give full consideration to the factory in setting up the file link parameters matching, blindly change caused the link parameters do not match, even causes the accident that can't estimate, using hydraulic chuck, hydraulic head and tailstock, hydraulic oil cylinder pressure, should be within the scope of the allowable stress does not allow any improvement.