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What are the characteristics of CNC machine tools?

Article source:admin Popularity:time:2017-07-07 17:43

CNC machine tools are widely used in many industries, so we can learn the characteristics of CNC machine tools.
The operation and monitoring of CNC machine tool is completed in this numerical control unit. It is the brain of CNC machine tool.
The numerical control machine has the following characteristics:
The high degree of automation of machine tools can reduce labor intensity;
Low is conducive to the production management of modern numerical control machine tool use digital information and standard code processing, transfer information, using the computer control method, for the computer aided design, manufacturing and management integration laid the foundation;
The quality requirements of operators are higher, and the technical requirements of maintenance personnel are higher;
High reliability.
The adaptability of processing objects is strong [1], which ADAPTS to the characteristics of single parts of products such as mold, which provides suitable processing methods for the manufacture of molds.
The processing precision is high and the processing quality is stable.
The multi-coordinate system can be used to process complex parts.
When the machining parts are changed, it is necessary to change the numerical control procedure to save the time of production preparation.
The machine tool itself is high in precision and rigidity, which can be used for processing quantity and high productivity (usually 3 ~ 5 times as high as normal machine tool).