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    Xi'an billows Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd is a professional high-tech enterprise development, manufacturing and sales of small precision CNC lathe, with total assets of 6 million yuan, the staff team of more than 50, the technical team of more than 10 employees, covers an area of 4000 square total. The company is located in a long history, gathering of talents, the economic prosperity of the Xi'an Yanta District Yu Hua Industrial Park, regional environment is good, traffic is very convenient.
    Company formed by industry senior technical, management, marketing personnel and efficient management team, using modern enterprise management system, flexible and practical means of marketing. Company in September 2015 was awarded the fourth China innovation entrepreneurship competition (division) in shaanxi province and the second "cup" east west salty being shaanxi shaanxi province scientific and technological innovation entrepreneurship competition "prize of excellent enterprise", in 2015 won the "xi 'an private technology enterprises"; In 2016 won the "high-tech enterprise". Only 2015 utility model patents 10, 2 invention patents, into a total of 4 product patents.
    The main technology of our company are from Japan, Switzerland and other countries, the main products are PTM-20 series, PTM-30 series of small precision CNC lathes, FMC knife small machining center, high speed robot automation equipment GL30A machine tool. Processing equipment enterprise strong technical strength, advanced and strict management, and effectively ensure the product quality and timely delivery, with working procedures of standardization system and the standard of integrity, in the future to ensure that the products of high quality and high reliability, and we will continue to introduce high precision technology and equipment, wholeheartedly provide first-class quality of the equipment for precision manufacturing enterprises.
    Application areas: communication, aviation, aerospace, military, automotive, motorcycle, optical, electronic, watches, animal husbandry and other industries
    Main business: CNC machine tools, digital equipment, and related parts and components of R & D, production, sales, after-sales service and technical advisory services.

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