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1. Main precision indexes
The rotation accuracy of the main axis: within 0.002 mm
The accuracy of the repetitive positioning is: less than 0.002 mm
The roundness of the piece can reach: 0.3 mu
Surface roughness can be: 0.4 mu
Main structural features
The main axis of the ptm-30x is:
1) high precision and high rigidity
The main shaft is the Taiwan production sleeve type, because of the unique internal structure design of the main shaft, its high precision and high rigidity are the best in the domestic similar machine tools.
2) the shaft of the shaft is able to move the air
When processing is complete, remove the cooling oil or chip, on the surface of the spindle inching can blow qigong can easily implement workpiece automatic cleaning, dispense with the operator manual labor.
3) reliable and efficient workpiece clamping mechanism
The pneumatic clamping mechanism of it has a unique way of clamping, easy to achieve the fast clamping and loosening of bar, even in the case of spindle stop can realize bar clamping and loosening.
It is especially suitable for high - volume and efficient parts processing.
4) function of CS axis profile control
The control function of CS axis is made of cylindrical interpolation and polar interpolation through the c-axis and X-axis, and the axial and radial drilling and milling of the parts are realized.
It is especially suitable for the machining of workpieces with variable shapes and dimensions.
5) processing performance
Due to the design and manufacture of the non-ferrous metal industry, the rigidity of the cutting steel parts is obviously insufficient in the process of cutting steel, the vibration is larger and the surface finish is poor.
Our company USES the demand for customers, optimizes the original structure, increases the earthquake resistance of the whole system, and reduces the seismic source amplitude.
The machine has a clear advantage in the machining of steel parts.

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