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Machine installation Taiwan SYNTEC 21 b system, the system USES 8 "full color LCD display, easy operation atmosphere, 32 bit CPU speed to provide efficient, corresponding minimum set quantitative 0.0001 mm, a variety of serial interface higher more ac...


FMC - 500 small machining center machine is our company independent research and development of a based on high precision and high requirements of processed products, with high efficiency, high-speed move, high-speed character such as tapping, high-sp...


GL30A is for motor cover, pump cover, connector plug connectors such as precision parts production and development models, is a high efficient unmanned, less humanization processing machine tool. This machine adopts the flat bed, high rigidity line ra...


The rotation accuracy of the main axis: within 0.002 mm The accuracy of the repetitive positioning is: less than 0.002 mm The roundness of the piece can reach: 0.3 mu Surface roughness can be: 0.4 mu...


The ptm-20 precision CNC lathe is equipped with the "FANUC 0i MATE TD" control system of FANUC in Japan.The system is high reliability, high performance price of CNC, the largest number 3 axis control axis, has the remarkable function configuration, a...