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Product Brief


    High precision, high efficiency, high speed tapping change cutters, High-speed tool change
FMC - 500 small machining center machine is our company independent research and development of a based on high precision and high requirements of processed products, with high efficiency, high-speed move, high-speed character such as tapping, high-speed tool change.
    All main parts adopt high quality grey cast iron, casting materials, high tension shock absorption power; And the stress relieving aging treatment, ensure a stable long-term maintain the best accuracy.
    Mitsubishi low inertia connected to the spindle direct drive spindle motor, spindle accelerate from zero to 15000 RPM as long as 0.8 seconds; Shorten the rigid in the process of tapping deceleration action, reaction time, tapping up to 6000 RPM, rigid tapping back speed can be up to twice as much.
    Machine configuration level precision linear guide, small friction resistance, three axis high-speed mobile up to 48 m/min. Ball screw with C3 level, low noise, low thermal expansion of compact design, stable and reliable to ensure the machining accuracy.
    With fast tool change mechanism, in 0.8/2.2 of a second knife of time, greatly improve the work efficiency

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