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Product Brief


GL30A Lathe automatic series
    GL30A is for motor cover, pump cover, connector plug connectors such as precision parts production and development models, is a high efficient unmanned, less humanization processing machine tool. This machine adopts the flat bed, high rigidity line rail, knife type structure, capable of carrying the Y axis power tools and other various types of power head, can be used as a kind of composite processing machine, slot milling, milling flat steel, square can be completed, such as eccentric hole processing. Manipulator speed is the fastest in the similar products, the horizontal axis of up to 160 m/min, the longitudinal axis of 90 m/min, gripper high reliability, flexibility is good, adapt to a variety of dishes and short shaft parts processing.
    Overall small volume, large travel and high precision machine tool, free maintenance, less people care, is a blend of high precision, high reliability, intelligent technology in the integration of high-tech products.

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